Monday, 9 April 2012

Bikes and typewriters...

Boy on a bike, Lindley Road. West Bowling, Bradford, England. February 1982

...what's not to like?

I'm backing (for a VERY modest sum) a Kickstarter project by this writer/poet I came across named Maya Stein. To mark her 40th birthday, she's taking on an unusual writing project: biking from Amherst, Massachusetts to Milwaukee for 40 straight days towing a typewriter behind her. She'll be cycling for about 1,300 miles and holding typing events along the way, inviting people to contribute to a collaborative piece of writing she'll publish after she returns in June. She needs some help reaching her funding goals in time for the April 23 Kickstarter deadline.

Find out more about her project and the reasons she's doing it.


  1. I'm backing it too, it's a great project. Take a look, typospherians!

  2. Good project and I hope to add to her endeavor also.