Sunday, 7 October 2012

It Must Be Jelly...

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Simmering to a fruity pulp
Jelly bag
What's left after straining
After jamming (stained muslin backcloth)


  1. I don't eat jelly or jam, but this seems like a really neat thing to do! Thanks for the instructions.

  2. Sounds great. Hedgerow apples? Are they perhaps what we in the States call crab apples? Little sour tasting apples that grow almost anywhere and are quite often used for jellies and jams. You can't be at all bad either Rob since I reckon you must be a Virginian or perhaps another Southerner.

  3. Yum! I made Elderberry & Apple Jelly recently. I always feel a bit bad about making jelly instead of jam as it seems so wasteful to throw the fruit away. I know I could compost it but I put it out for the birds - they don't seem to be very keen - perhaps they aren't hungry enough yet!

  4. Very interesting process. I like the handwritten note - we try to keep tabs on the prime gleaning areas, and the emergency food orgs do as well.

  5. My wife makes many jars of jam and applesauce each season, so these pictures trigger the smells that go with it. Yummy!

  6. Oops - put my comment on your last post by mistake. Hope you see it Rob.