Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Retro cool...

The appliance of science

...and techno!

I was asked to show the re-badged Adler Gabriele 25 - Peter, here you are. The label came from our old fridge freezer. I like to think the stars now mean one out of four, for looks.

Now I have so much Eurotrash, I decided to slim it down by opening an Olympia page. I know, such largesse... and my new answer to the question, how many typewriters? About 40.

Notice to eBay Australia: this one's not for sale


  1. Priceless! You could sell that on ebay "EXTREMELY RARE ZANUSSI TYPEWRITER!"
    That badge looks pretty good on there.

  2. Ebay Australia you say.... I didn't realise you were local. I'd bid, but my own Adler gabby 25 is also Techno, and currently being used for medical experiments. (results on my blog probably tonight).

    1. I am local, but not to Australia. But I was concerned that these keywords - techno, retro etc - which are reported to proliferate oz-ebay, might attract thrill-seeking big spenders from over there.

  3. A one of a kind typewriter that types like an Eagle.

  4. Now that's a name! Truly atomic!

  5. Not unlike what I do when I Anglicize a Groma Kolibri, only you "Zanussied" this one!

  6. It looks pretty East-german with that on it...