Friday, 10 May 2013


Link to Typewriter Heaven on The Typewriter Database


  1. You hurt my brain.

    But it sounds like great fun. I've been going through all my typewriters to type on them all recently too.

    I did that once before, except with three different lines and in the same colour.

    1. Ah! I think I remember. Normally, I would do the red upside down but that doesn't work to well on a screen - though I'm still harbouring an ambition to so a 2-colour spiralcast.

    2. By spiralcast, you mean what I think you mean...that would be interesting and amazing!

      I need to do more of the shape-forming. Like once I did Abraham Lincoln's head on a typecast. I don't know why I stopped. I guess I just forgot to!

  2. Achievement Unlocked: getting people to pull their stored machines out of attics and closets to enjoy typing on them again! :D

  3. I love the typecast! I too hope to get all my typewriters out and get them posted to the database. I have been wanting to re photograph most of them since what I use on my blog is done in haste and I know I can do better at lighting them. I do type regularly on all but my Underwood and Noiseless.

  4. This is the reason my additions have been slow. Getting them unpiled from the cupboard as a slow, slow process.