Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Route 66

UPDATE: Paul's 66 now functioning. It turns out the drawband had been installed upside down/inside out.


  1. Nice font, Rob. Is that typed on an Imperial 66?

    1. No, that's my typewriter du jour - the Olivetti Graphika. I probably won't ever get tired of it.

    2. Your Graphika really works beautifully. So far you are the only one I know who enjoys typing on it - maybe your specimen withstood time exceptionally well?

    3. It does work well - even though it arrived non-functional. You have to take your time typing on a Graphika, a steady, plodding rhythm. It is easy to tangle typebars and corrections are best left unmade. But the results are worth it and typing fast is better on a different machine altogether. It isn't just the Graphika, to a lesser extent the Lexikon 80 shares some of its traits.