Monday, 14 April 2014

Union Type

For the type detecting fringe. This is another catalogue/specification booklet made available from a copy held by Ryk van Dijk, borrowed and scanned by Marlies and cleaned up and republished in Typewriter Heaven. It will also be listed and available from Ted's Typewriter Database.


  1. This is really cool to see. I've wondered if each company made their own type slugs, or bought them from other suppliers. Now we know. Good work, and thanks!!

  2. Now the next venture into type slugs is to relate which manufacturer of typewriters used which slugs. If we know the slug makers trademark and which used in house slugs...
    I do know of one fellow in N.Y.C. who does know all of that.

    Thanks for posting the book Rob.

    I've been one of those leering into the basket with a loupe and light since I bought my first Hermes 3000. Something about being bitten by a typewriter collectiing bug. I find it interesting to see which slugs are used by which manufacture. Some of the same slugs are called different typeface names by different manufacturers.

    1. I imagine a bunch of old guys in the typewriter factory on Friday afternoons thinking of ways they could befuddle 21st Century collectors. Type slug engravings was one such plan! Please you enjoyed it.

  3. This is really cool! Great information.