Monday, 21 March 2011


Is there any virtue in rigorously blogging daily? The word 'journal' implies daily, but web-log? The measurement from a trailing ship's log would have been measured at least twice daily - the original rolling news? No log - no way of knowing how fast you are travelling. Unimportant in itself, but essential to know your whereabouts. Yikes, 2 minutes to go...

Many boats have something like this screwed to the bottom - even carbon-fibre racing shells. This one would have been thrown over the side several times a day.


  1. Log daily. Ideally after breakfast. Keeps everything clear and running smoothly. Maintain rigour and discipline even in times of stress.

  2. If you don't mind me asking why would they throw the box over the side several times a day? I guess I could check wikipedia and find out all about knots and such, but I think knowledge too easily gained is knowledge [fill in type of knowledge it is here]. Very funny previous comment by the way.

  3. Andy's a bit of a wag isn't he. I'd hoped an ambiguous post title would encourage some introspection - seems it worked. How's your typecasting coming? The typosphere awaits with bated breath...So far, I'm the only UK blob on the map.