Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What's new?

Is there a name for a blog post which shamelessly re-hashes other people's stuff? Anyway, when I saw this Royal advert posted (can someone remind me who?), it triggered an instant recall of...
...Todd McLellan's image of the disassembled Smith Corona which, in turn, reminded me of ...

....a Keith Haring painting...

...who's style was ripped-off rather poorly for Her Majesty's Government's Change 4 Life campaign to combat obsesity. Pity the imagery relates less to health-giving vegetables and more to...

...Jelly Babies! The only food you'll ever see Time Lords eating. There's been a bag in the Doctor's pocket for, well, millennia. Which brings us nicely back to typewriters. 

This season's redecorated TARDIS must have picked up its new typewriter in the Typosphere :-)


  1. James Burke had a show called Connections. This post reminds me of that program. When it comes to the newest incarnation of The Doctor, I think that Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor is great. I think he has a really subtle physical humor. Don't get me wrong, I think David Tennent is a great doctor, Smith is just very quiet in comparison. Also, whoever does the costuming for the new doctor does a great job. It looks very academic.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, thanks!

  3. I still haven't gotten past watching the 3rd doctor... started from the very beginning!

    I wonder what he does with that typewriter. :o

  4. @Nick: Aaah, Jon Pertwee. I remember taking quite a while to get used to him after the inimitable Troughton. That was before time travel was available to humans. No repeats, no VHS, DVD or iPlayer. If you missed an episode - that was it. Without risking a spoiler, the typewriter in the present TARDIS just sits there amongst the rest of the clutter BUT, if you look closely, I think you'll see it is producing images of previous regenerations, Hartnell and the aforementioned Troughton.