Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rear of the year

Lots of reasons for getting this typewriter:
  • One-piece quick-release alloy footbed (not sure why)
  • The colour is just about interesting enough to make it desirable
  • Groovy cat-flap at the back hides the tabulator pins
  • It is Italian
  • It is beautiful type on (despite warnings to the contrary)
  • It had my name written all over it (see above)!
  • From the rear, it has the profile of a freshly baked crusty white cottage loaf.

Test: See if you can spot the deliberate 'mistake' in its Eurotrash gallery mug-shot. 
Answers welcome in the comments box below.

PS: If you get stuck, I'll post the answer in the next post.


  1. Can't see any mistake (unless it's "Ebay" instead of "eBay").

    I too like the wide hips on these Everests, but I agree with the consensus that they're poor for typing. The typebars don't seem to develop any acceleration on their way to the platen. They feel feeble and dead.

  2. Maybe it is just me and Mr Messenger who like them as typers then? The 'mistake' is in the photo, not the caption.

  3. The ribbon is upside down?

  4. bikethru's getting warm, but no cigar. Tip: click on the image for a supersize view.

  5. Er, there's no black setting on the ribbon selector -- someone wanted an Italian flag look more than practicality?!


  6. spot on. The actual colours next to the switch are red, white and blue. I altered the blue to a green in Photoshop. Green's as useful a colour as blue. I have only ever seen red and black ribbons - though I know there are more exotic shades out there.

  7. The ribbon just isn't upside down, is it? Gotta go to Specsavers.

    Word verification: forica: slang for myopia: "foricant see the difference between red and black"

  8. @bikethru: upside down? Depends how you look at it. But no. Spookily though, when it arrived, the ribbon WAS upside down. Specsavers ...or a DeLorean.