Saturday, 10 March 2012

Imperial Good Companion 5

Slower than the speed of light. s/n: 5G 990 c.1958ish


  1. I love the carriage return lever. It looks like it's reaching up to give you a nice handshake. It's a beautiful typewriter!

  2. It's a great typewriter and an amazing photo!

  3. the return lever literally standing out!

  4. I bought one on eBay from Blackpool to Belgium but never arrived.
    Destroyed by Hermes delivery company.
    When I entered the tracking number it said it weighed only 3 lb, could that typewriter by so light?
    Anyway, I intend to sue Hermes if they don't give me the money to buy another one

  5. Most I have seen are in very tough, fibreglass cases but I did have one in a leather case. I wonder 3lb or 3kg? Probably more than that though. If it didn't arrive, how do you know it was destroyed?