Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tages Anzeiger: Questions 2-4

See Retro Tech Geneva where this thread began.


  1. So, do you tell yourself "about 30" the same way a lady might lie about her age, or are some also leaving out the window? :)

    You are fortunate to have been able to pick up most of your eBay acquisitions in person! The ones you got for free are very nice too; I still giggle every time I remember the "Bongos!!!" gif of your Royal KHM.

    1. Something like that! But honestly, I'd have to go and count them to give a true answer. I have only ever once parted with a typewriter - the Ivory Imperial Good Companion 5 I gave to my sister for her birthday. I'm still not sure if she comprehends the sacrifice :-) And you wouldn't believe the goodness of my intentions in buying a typewriter with the aim of selling it on. Once I have spent some time with it, cleaning it up and getting it working OK, well, I just can't seem to find a way of letting it go. Part greed, part curatorial obsession. I admire Tom Furrier's ruthless approach. Joe's recent post sums it up nicely. I think some of the later questions are going to be harder to answer. I might skip a few...