Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bishops Finger


  1. In matching beer with food, I understand a Bishop's Finger goes best with some Parson's Nose. ;)

    Kent is very dear to me as the location of Down House, the ancestral home of Charles Darwin, which I visited two years ago. It was quite a pilgrimage for me as a biologist working in the "Buckle of the Bible Belt", where Mr. Darwin's work is still dismissed by many, these many decades after normal thinking folk have accepted his genius.

    As a homebrewer myself, I am curious what hops are used in Bishop's Finger; I would assume Fuggles or some similar classic old English hop.

    1. As it happens, and according to their website, the hop of choice is Goldings. It isn't massively hopped, but just enough. And Mr Darwin? I think he may be onto something...

  2. Just a thought Rob, if you notice that the skipping occurs roughly in the same area on the page I would look at your escapement rack and examine the teeth in that region. If they are badly burred you may be able to clean them up with an appropriate file . Then you may be able to lower the escapement rack a get better engagement....

  3. That is a very unusual name for anything. Name makes me think it was made out of a bishop's finger.
    I wonder if your escapement problem is related to the common Facit dry grease problem with the escapement.

  4. The beer may be well balanced, but is that bottle half-empty or half-full?

  5. Upon reading: "Of course it sounds a lot ruder out of historical content" a very small quantity of my shiraz, (which was in my mouth at the time) managed to very quickly enter my nasal cavity and drip from my nose. Luckily I'm wearing a t-shirt that I only wear about the house. Many thanks for that experience and for an otherwise interesting post.