Thursday, 28 April 2011

Naming the parts #2

Top tip for Dan: halve paper costs - type on both sides.  
(After Ignacio Uriarte)


  1. Good to see my Byron's typeface used in such an innovative way.

    That typewriter was a very lucky find on a Spanish auction site. It was shipped from Spain, got lost in the mail, and took something like 5 months to reach me -- I had almost given up hope. Now, its obscure typographical soul has transmigrated to a digital font and is starring on blogs read 'round the world.

    Keep an eye open for Byrons there in the UK!

  2. Richard, have no fear - if I see a Byron, I'll snap it up! The font is a good blend between quirky and consistent. I'd use your Remington, but the 'm' is a little off so it distracts. Then again, there's no m in recto or verso...