Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Olympia SM-4: plot development

The SM4 is in Kingston upon Thames. A Royal Borough. It says here that this street art, Out of Order is somehow connected to London's hosting of the 2012 Olympics.

Response to pick-up address request from vendor in Kingston:

"When you arrive in Buttercup Close*, drive to the end of the road (which looks like a dead end) and turn left into a small car park. A car clamp/parking fine system is in operation in this car park, so stay with your car and phone me on 0208 xxx xxx and I will bring the typewriter to you. Sorry if this sounds like a strange set-up but it would be a disaster if you picked up a £45 car parking fine for the sake of an old typewriter! Do you have a rough idea of what time you will arrive?"

I'll keep you posted.

*Street name changed


  1. Better take along your Chicago Typewriter. It could be a trap!

  2. Damn, Ted, I knew I shouldn't have told him what I'd be driving. I'll pack my windy city special :-)

  3. Maybe the art has to do with BT's stupid idea of eliminating the iconic red booths. BT's out of order.