Thursday, 6 October 2011

How Television Ruined Your Life

This blog feeds posts to my Facebook page (cheers Dave), so it only seems right for some occasional two-way traffic.

Facebook friend and notable Icelandic academic Kjartan just reminded me - via his wall - how great it feels when Charlie Brooker answers the question "Is it just me?" with a resounding "No". Phew.


  1. A good watch, thanks for sharing this.

    I confess that I do not have a TV habit (a movie habit is what I have!), the annual Oscars is just about the most regular show I watch. Thanks to YouTube and iTunes, I can choose what and when I watch something.

  2. This is a fascinating series, just finished watching the whole run. Fella sometimes gets a little ranty to the point of spittle flying everywhere, but he makes some very valid points.

    Now I'm off to go find "The Ascent of Man". The Internet is awesome :D

  3. Thanks for the tip. The Wife and I just watched the whole series and enjoyed it immensely!

  4. Ton, Ted, Winston: Yep! This guy could win a Gold Medal in the Ranting Olympics but each dig and jibe of his visceral invective has accuracy, poignancy and conviction. I'm very pleased to have brought Charlie Brooker to your desktop (or smart TV).

  5. That's a great video, thanks for posting! I love the pisstake of Grand Designs and Kevin McCloud.