AEG Olympia Traveller deLuxe S
S/N: 5-817490
Colour: Lght grey with charcoal trim
Manufactured: Yugoslavia, post-1972
This one came from a Sue Rider charity sale for £5. Types very well. Has preset tabs as well as the other functions normal on an SF. According to Nick Beland, the Traveller was introduced in 1969 and in 1971 production began for it in the UNIS factory in Sarajevo, either immediately or eventually replacing production in Germany.

Olympia SF
S/N: 5-1840599
Colour: Ivory
Manufactured: Wilhelmshaven, West Germany 1969

A compact version reminiscent of the larger SM series of Olympias below, especially in this body style. Other SFs have an angular shape. This, I think, is an evolution from those that look like this but which are designated  'Splendide'. Probably the best super-compact writing machine I have used - though not the quietest. Rescued from Oxford via eBay, £6.

Olympia SM-3
S/N: 728899
*non-deluxe version
Colour: Grey-green (crackelure)
Manufactured: Olympia Werke AG. Wilhelmshaven, West Germany 1956
Cost: £9.00 (Ebay, Oxford) Replaced bushes & cleaned.

Olympia SM-4 De Luxe
S/N: 1309237
Colour: Burgundy (crackelure)
Manufactured: Olympia Werke AG. Wilhelmshaven, West Germany 1958
Cost: £4.99 (Ebay, Kingston) Replaced bushes, adjusted carriage rail.

Olympia SM-2
S/N: 110739
Colour: Military green crinkle
Manufactured in Wilhelmshaven, West Germany, 1951 
I bought this as a non-working machine but it just needed replacement suspension bushes and the margin stop/bell assemblies freeing. £10, Blackbird Leys, Oxford. April 2012. 

Olympia SM-1
S/N: 73690
Colour: Black crinkle
Manufactured in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 1950 
In the interests of completism, I had to get an SM-1, though I'm not sure they were referred to by that name when new. This one has no carriage lock but does have plastic-tipped controls. Strange beast but types as well as any Olympia. £9, South Bucks Hospice, High Wycombe.


  1. I recommend to also get an Olympia SM9 - to good to be true.

    1. One of these will surely come my way, in time.

    2. Olympia SM 9 is adoracute and lovely. It's the small version of my huge and giant SG 3 :D

  2. I have an Olympia SF and i bought it with no ribbon so it needs a new one.. what ribbon would it take? and do you know where i could maybe find one?

    1. Caitlyn: Should be fine with any half-inch ribbon. If you have the original spools, it may be better to re-wind the new ribbon onto these but new ones might be just fine. If the spool fouls the inside of the ribbon cover and it is made of plastic, you can trim it (the spool that is) with a craft knife all round a bit.

  3. Product Description:
    Vintage Olympia International Electric Typewriter with case. The typewriter is marked:

    Olympia Werke Ag
    Wilhelmshaven, West Germany
    Model M-R12
    Made in Japan

     The typewriter is in good working condition, it will need the hook that's inside hooked back, and a new ribbon. The case will need a cleaning, otherwise in good condition as well. This vintage typewriter would make a great addition to your vintage collectibles.

    Please contact me with any questions

    1. Thanks for the offer but I'm not interested in electric machines.

  4. You need to add an Olympia SG 3 in this collection. xD
    I have one. Just check out my blog: