Royal KHM
S/N: KHM 2191365
Colour: Black
Basket shift
Manufactured 1937
Bonus features: tabulator, hidden touch control, absolutely amazing ribbon advance, quick release card guides. A gift from Mr. Len. Not sure who did whom the bigger favour.

Royal Portable Standard

Colour: Black
Carriage shift
Manufactured 1933-34
The centre lever on the face plate is to adjust the keystroke pressure: "touch control". Like new, inside and out. Works beautifully.

Royal Portable Typewriter

Colour: Light oak wood-grain effect
Carriage shift
Manufactured 1930
A bit special! It looks like wood, but it isn't. Works like new after re-lining the pinch roller. As a demonstration of Royals' durability, they were dropped to their American dealers by parachute from passing planes. Bought from Bognor Regis (Typewriter Purgatory). This one arrived more conventionally via friendly matelots returning from a sailing weekend.