WHY: I began this site because all my beautiful metal-ware is stored in the attic. A shame not to share it, at least in photos. I had no idea there was a community of writers, collectors and general obsessives out there in the place we know as the Typosphere.
THANKS: There's an impressive amount of knowledge and enthusiasm out there in real life and on the web. Without these resources being shared, how else would anyone discover, say, the year and letter codes of the colourful Corona 4s?

Google and you shall find. Meanwhile, special acknowledgements to the following:

Dating: machines on this site are generally dated using Dirk Schumann's impressive Typewriter Serial Number Database. Because of the complexity and sheer volume of Remington's pre-WW2 portables, Richard Polt's page on his Classic Typerwriter Page is authoritative and very useful. Shannon L Johnson's Typewriter Page  has helped to pinpoint Corona 4s to the nearest month.

Inspiration: Richard Milton's Portable Typewriter site is a great read, collecting information and trivia from many sources into one useful place. Same goes for Will Davis and The Virtual Typewriter Museum.

Photos: All photos © Rob Bowker 2011, except where otherwise stated. Pictures were taken on a Nikon D5000/18-55mm AF-S Nikkor, under artificial light.

Apart from dropping the Corona 3, no typewriters were harmed in the making of this website.

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