Thursday, 24 March 2011


Not that anyone's counting, and at the risk of trumpet blowing - ta daa - a thousand views! Thanks.


  1. amusingly, now that I bother to look at my stats I find that March is going to more than double my site traffic from my previous big spike in Sept, when I was typecasting from the trenches of KOLCon 7 and had a theoretical audience of some 800+ attendees (plus potentially 20,000 non-attending gamers who were curious about what was happening) following my posts (1276 hits per day, avg).

    Webalizer reports significantly more "visits" this month than either Sept or any month since, which seems to indicate that the Typosphere and its following is growing very rapidly. I'm averaging 3596 hits per day this month. (:

    Also, my traffic sources pretty much mirror yours. is still the big momma out there, but is creeping up behind her...

  2. @Ted: So, I just lost a looong reply because I was logged in to two google accounts at the same time. Summary: Well done! Strange and sort of reassuring that my experimental obsession with collecting typewriters (thankfully obsessed no longer - but there's a 'curvy' Hermes going on UK ebay...) is not a solo affair. Les 400 Coups + Renais = Hiroshima Mon Amour. Typewriter + tsunami = ?
    It read better first time round - but I hope you get my drift. Something to think about.

  3. Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing that page view counter increase. Good job!

  4. Curvy Hermes art de bomba, senor. You must have one!