Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bargain basement

Three upcoming additions to Typewriter Heaven. Proof that classics are out there, just waiting to be re-homed:

Empire Corona (who needs a Hermes?): £5 + £9 postage

Imperial Good Companion 5 - 99p (yes, 99p)

Post-war Underwood Noiseless 77 - £15


  1. 99p!!!??? You sicken me. I thought my GC5 was a steal at $32.oo. But 99p? And I bet the GC5 logo is intact too. Just to rub it in.

    Nice haul there, Rob. Well done! I particularly like the Underwood. These things are a bugger to store, though.

  2. I look longingly at eBay UK typewriters regularly. If only, I told myself, there was a devoted typewriter enthusiast and bargain hunter to give all these unwanted treasures a good home. Well done, sir.

  3. Wonderful haul of typers! and such friendly prices (:

  4. I've never seen that Empire Corona - and I must say that I LOVE IT!! Congrats!

  5. Bob, I'm pretty sure it based on the Empire Aristocrat which, in turn was a Hermes clone made in the UK. Hope it arrives in one piece - it looks virtually unused. I think a lightweight machine like should survive ParcelForce better than say, the Underwood. We'll see.

  6. That Empire Corona is the Corona Zephyr/Skyriter/Corsair design.

    I have got to get myself a GC5 one day ...

  7. I'm finding the Good Companion 5 a challenge to work on! Be sure to try before you buy and avoid soft cases. More later...

  8. Awesome. I got my first typewriter from a local garage sale for $2, a PRISTINE 1971 Hermes Rocket.
    Even the ribbon was working, and to this day, a year later, it's going strong.
    My next two typewriters were a Smith Corona Classic 12 for $5 and a brother deluxe 220 for 7 Euro (about $10).