Monday, 7 November 2011

UN77: first impression

1947 Underwood Noiseless Portable aka The Pringle


  1. That's the "Pringle" typewriter, right? The typecast reminds me of my Corona Four.

  2. I have a live recording of an acoustic version of Springsteen's "Born To Run" on 12 inch vinyl. Hear me out, Rob. This disc got slightly warped and it wouldn't play properly. The stylus arm would jump right off the disc 45 times a minute. It was a 45rpm disc.
    I mentioned this to a guy I knew who sold high-end stereos (the H.G. Wellsesque looking ones with the glass valves and boring names) and he suggested placing the disc between two sheets of glass, with a couple of hard-cover books on top, and then leaving it at a closed window in direct sunlight for a couple days.
    In the end, I never tried it because the disc flattened out a little when I piled 30 other albums on top of it for a few years.
    Anyway, your ribbon covers have the little knobs on them, so a flat sheet of glass may be a little tricky. However, if you were to perhaps try something like a ball bearing (or two or three piled on top of each other) and then placed over the ribbon covers and left somewhere to get some gradual heat for a week or so, do you reckon that would work?
    I would imagine that the spool covers warped gradually over time. They might just need to be unwarped over time.
    Failing that, could you cut the knobs off them and super-glue them onto two flat plastic discs with a hole drilled through the middle? Make some new ribbon covers, perhaps.

  3. teeritz: I like the idea of making my own. Hadn't thought of it, so thanks for pointing out what should have been bloomin' obvious! I have some chunky grade aluminium sheet which would polish up nicely. I'd need some sort of knob to remove them or spin the ribbon. Maybe a project for a cold winter's day :-)

  4. You know, Rob, I was almost going to suggest maybe using a couple of wooden spinning tops. You'd have to hunt around in some of those expensive toy stores that have become popular in the last decade as the Boomer generation becomes the next wave of grandparents. However, if you're using aluminium, then all you might need is a bolt or screw of correct dimensions or maybe a piece of wooden dowelling.

  5. I like the idea of making your own! I have an identical Remington Noiseless 7 I have yet to review on the blog (perhaps once I replace the feet and sort out the skipping escapement) but I got lucky in that it has the metal ribbon covers, so they are nice and flat and well-preserved. You could make something similar and then paint it black... or not. Either way, great suggestion from teeritz!