Wednesday 27 June 2012



  1. I know what you mean. I let most of my machines accumulate dust just so I can enjoy seeing them. But a glass display case really is probably the best solution.

    My Woodstock Electrite is grinning because you called it amazing.

  2. What a beautiful Royal KHM!! I also vote for a plexiglass vault.
    The type-in in Switzerland was fun, although we also missed typewriter day (for a day).

  3. I didn't do much for typewriter day, either - I did remember it in the morning, kept meaning to post, got caught up with other stuff, never got around to it. But there was so much action in the typosphere generally, that I didn't feel too bad for sitting it out.

    Love the idea of a plexiglass dome! I have made my Graphika a fabric typewriter cover (Peter called it a "cosy", haha) and now that it is "out of sight" I even forget it's there. A shame, really.

  4. A plexiglas dome would be nice but probably quite expensive. Why not use the pattern for a fabric cover BUT make the cover from clear vinyl? You can purchase clear vinyl at most larger fabric shops. Then you can keep the dust out of the innards and still be able to enjoy seeing your lovely typewriter whenever you walk past.

    1. A brilliant compromise! Now on the look-out for heavy duty see through stuff. Big question... will it stitch?