Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Black Sheep


One of the benefits of a Network Blogs feed is that posts on this site also appear on the facebook, whence Julie W makes the following correction:

 "After recently touring the brewery I can't help but correct you on the history of the name. It was in fact after Scottish and Newcastle had bought out Theakston brewery and he set to go against the grain* and start up a small local brewery rather than being part of a multi-national. He was in fact a black sheep of the brewery business, not his family. So I was led to believe."


  1. I always want to venture forth and try new and exciting beers. I look over the shelves at the local distributor...but can never find anything that I want to try so badly as to pay the outrageous price for a single bottle of booze.

    I suppose I'll stick with my standard brew *Tips can of Pabst Blue Ribbon*

  2. I only started drinking beer in about 2007 when I went to Europe the first time. They've grown on me but my palate is no sophisticated or particularly discerning - I only know I'm not fond of bitterness. This is a good way for me to get acquainted with the lingo so thanks for posting. Can't wait to see what you move on to. I've liked the ciders I've tried.

  3. You really do foster the national beer production. Now that your stock is empty, you should go to Germany to refill.