Thursday, 2 May 2013



  1. Seiko don't muck around, do they, Rob? Virtually indestructible. Their quartz models seemingly go on forever. Good thing is that a modern Sieko similar to yours is still available...just in case you lose this one, God forbid.
    Nice post. Every man needs a decent wristwatch. But of course I'd say that. And it's pretty nifty that your watch has an end-of-life indicator for the battery.

  2. That's an awesome story; I seem to have relatively bad luck with analog watches. My digitals, however, keep on going. Right now I wear a Casio CA53W basic calculator watch, and don't plan on getting a new one for a long time. If I ever do get a new watch, it'll certainly be another of the same. Cheap and durable, keeps good time, and it's a calculator!

    Although I'd have to say that I wouldn't mind getting a Seiko one of these would be an automatic, non-battery-dependent timepiece. :)

    1. Do it, Vikram, do it! While a quartz-powered watch is super- reliable, there's something to be said for a tiny 40mm machine that powers itself while strapped to the wrist. Besides, if you get yourself an automatic Seiko, you can always just wear it for special or social occasions.

  3. You could write a story around whatever happened to that face. I'd read it.