Wednesday, 30 October 2013



  1. Typocodex?

    Bass is one British beer that's easy to find in the US, and I like it. Thanks for providing the story behind the trademark.

  2. One of your beers I can actually buy in Florida. I do have one occasionally. It has a good flavor and better than most available here. I'd put it up to Lord Chesterfield Ale.

    1. At one time, Bass was the biggest selling beer in the UK. the title holder currently is Carling - not even a beer and it barely qualifies as a lager if taste has anything to do with it. I wonder if I could find Lord Chesterfield over here?

  3. Bass was around a long time before 1875 too. According to Arthur Machen, the first remark of Lord Tennyson on entering the Great Exhibition of 1851 was "Can one get a decent bottle of Bass here?"

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