Friday, 22 May 2015

Replacement leather handle

A bit more about this typewriter


  1. Very nicely done, I will definitely do this with my strapless Remington cases.

  2. I've got about 6 cases without straps, and didn't know what to do. This is a big help!

  3. I use handles from these guys:

    Used them for the last 6 years, including on a Remington case, but also on an old camera case, my regular briefcase, and my grandfather's doctor-bag from WW II. Very convenient and nice to feel in the hand. Come in natural leather (beige) or black color. Beige can be then toned into any color, my personal solution is just to wear it until it becomes polish-reddish-brown, and leave it at that (for non-black cases). Highly recommended!