Wednesday 18 May 2016

Yost 10 - keyboard and feet


  1. This is a rather intimidating machine!

  2. I'm enjoying all these posts. When you complete your project you may be the best Yost repairman in the world.

    1. Well I'm certainly learning lots along the way. I wonder how many Yost repairmen there are in the world. Could be I'm in the top 100 :-)

  3. Has three feet then? The angle-iron might indeed me manageable from regular DIY materials. Rubber should be doable, could even 3D print a fitting shape in PU.
    For giving old rubber some grip, I've tried layers of plastic-dip. Adhesion is tricky, but several layers do give more grip. (No effect on sound dampening tho...)

    Even getting slotted screws is difficult these days - have been surprised at the abundance of BSW 5/32 online recently however. You might find some that fit! :-)