Sunday, 25 September 2011

Low hanging fruit

It always seems to end up being the last weekend of September by the time we get around to picking raspberries, today was no exception. Raspberry jam is one of those things that makes the prospect of shorter days, overcast skies and colder weather more bearable. There's a choice of a few fruit growers nearby, but Mrs Lester's mum at P J Lay's PYO on the Brightwell road is closest - about a mile away.
Mystical cat guards choice fruit
Mrs Lester's mum didn't want to be in the photo so she stayed out of sight behind the door
Typed recipe. Check those dates! Looks like we ran out of jam too early in 2007.
9lbs of fruit softening on a low light

Jars sterilising in the oven
Coming to the boil
When it comes to weights and measures, I have to describe myself as a metric migrant. One foot in the decimal present, the other in pounds and ounces and the days of yore
Sunshine in a jar


  1. We lost most of ours to raccoons from across the street. Very disappointing. However we have Himalayan Blackberries invasive everywhere supplying us through August/September, and Tacoma has Blueberry Park, from which we have harvested many many pints this year. The jam looks great. We always enc up baking or making sauces with our berries.

  2. Sunshine in a jar indeed! I very much enjoyed this. I can just imagine the lovely smell of that jam's been far too long since I've had homemade raspberry jam. There's nothing like it, is there?

  3. OK, even though I have never made any kind of canned preserve, I totally want to try it now!

  4. That looks amazing! You're fortunate to have raspberries still in season where you live; here the season is short-lived and ends around late July. I've never liked them as an eating fruit - too tart - but I can certainly get behind a good raspberry jam!