Wednesday 28 September 2011

On this day in typewriter history...

I'd just like to call for a public round of applause in appreciation of Robert Messenger's outstanding contribution to the enrichment of the Typosphere.

Robert's On This Day in Typewriter History series has delivered a wealth of historical, technical and cultural insight over on his blog at oztypewriter.

He's having a break from the history lessons but promises to be back next year!


  1. *applause*!

    Mr. Messenger's posts this past year have indeed been an excellent and entertaining history lesson that will continue to be a valuable resource for future generations. (:

  2. Robert Messenger's depth of research in typewriters is nothing short of amazing. It must take an incredible amount of work to produce the body of material that he has presented so regularly on his blog, so I understand completely why he's taking a break!

  3. Kudos, congratulations, and admiration to Robert! I know I will consult his blog often. It's not just ephemeral thoughts, but in-depth research.

  4. It's a staggering amount of work he's put into these regular posts and it's a highly commendable effort. Very well done, sir. And like has already been mentioned, this information will become a valuable resource for future typospherians. Is that a word?
    Thanks once again, Robert!

  5. Definitely, encore!! The Typosphere Medal, First Honours, goes to Robert.

  6. Oh no!! How am I just hearing about this now?!!? At least I have a nice back catalog to catch up on! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!