Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Keira Rathbone

This just dropped in to my e-mail inbox. Keira Rathbone carries the drawing-with-a-typewriter torch.


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  1. Absolutely incredible. Watching her do it is mind-blowing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool! It's incredible what artworks she's able to produce...

  3. Great! I'm glad that she is having such success. She's really good at this.

    The genre of typewriter art dates back well before their claim of the 1940s. In one of the history books there is a reproduction of "Queen Victoria executed on a Williams typewriter," as I recall. The author (is it Adler?) drily comments that he hopes the execution did not cause the queen undue pain.

  4. It's funny that she used the phrase "subverting the use of the machine,"especially since said machine is no longer considered viable for "regular" use. It makes me wonder if anything done with a typewriter is anything other than subversive, at this stage in the game.

  5. Very interesting. Really nice to hear that she's found a market for her art.

    Mike, good point.