Sunday 29 April 2012

The quick brown fox...

On the strength of Florian's recommendation, I bagged myself some Cold War iron with this Optima. It is quite a distance for me to collect but plans are afoot for a pick-up. Thank (Typewriter) Heavens for godchildren - though technically I'm a supporter rather than a godfather - my accursed atheism gets in the way sometimes. Chocolate keys and the nose of a lazy dog!


  1. Brown-and-grey is an awesome combo. Handsome.

  2. Replies
    1. ...and I just spotted its twin on Adwoa's blog!

  3. Optima's are a pretty machine. It's making it's way onto my desired list.

  4. I'm jealous. That's very nice! The closes I have to cold war Eastern Bloc is the plastic Bulgarian "Omega 1300F"

  5. Suddenly these are everywhere. Got my own within the past two weeks, and love it.