Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vinyl connection

Top image courtesy of Mr Bobz


  1. It's fun to discover the little, inconspicuous features of a typewriter.

    I hadn't heard of using self-adhesive foam to fix feed rollers before. Interesting approach.

  2. I've got "Changes" One on vinyl! I was playing Bowie a couple of hours ago. I think he's overdue for a resurgence in popularity.

  3. You diagnosed correctly re- the ribbon reversing mechanism. The Ribbon spool guides are also ribbon reverse actuators but need an eyelet near the end of the ribbon to work. The eyelet is usually about six to nine inches from the end of the ribbon.
    Please contact me if you have any other questions as I masy be able to help.
    Best regards,

  4. Heh. I thought those double pictures were the kind that you crossed your eyes so they overlapped and you saw an image in 3D. Now I have a headache!