Saturday, 28 September 2013

Graphika journey

Upside down carriage
Note the three register slots. Two on the left, one on the right.
The alternate spacing lever (on left) has to be removed before the cover. Bike spoke indicates its screw hole.
Fire basket meets word processor
'Spare parts' from the bottom of the box. L-R: strap hook, broken piece of strap, random spring
Pretty obvious where the random spring had to go
Don't say "pistachio", say "mushy peas"

Next time... how to fix broken steel carriage strap/drawband...


  1. Fantastic -- good work!

    You know, I had to replace a spring on my Graphika when it arrived, too. It was sitting in the bottom of the typewriter. And I believe it was the very same spring you had to replace. Good thing you found it.

    I don't know the official name of that typeface, but it's the one designed by Imre Reiner. I thought it was a different one, as yet unknown, but I was mistaken. You can download my Reiner Graphika font here.

  2. I! excellent work. I'm glad you got such a wonderful beast back into working form. Good show!

  3. Nice work Rob, see, it was not as scary as I made it out to be!...finding that spring was a real bonus and working out where it had to fit was even better. The type style from memory was called "Reiner Consillius" and it requires a dark ribbon to be really seen at its best. Carbon ribbon would be even better but not possible here. I also think that with the proportional spacing you would need to type slowly and evenly in order not to "crowd" the print as the escapement needs just a fraction more time to work. This caveat applied to all proportional spacing machines, electric or manual, that I have encountered.
    You have done a great job and I think you deserve a beer.

  4. Congrats Rob, that's some great work on a truly awesome looking typewriter!

  5. Congratulations on the repairs. You sure work super fast (video). I love that typeface. Thank you for posting all the photos. I will keep them in mind if I ever get a Graphika and need to work on it. Do you think one of the typeface examples on Ted Munk's blog may match?

  6. Fantastic job on a fantastic machine with a very nice typeface! I'd be pretty intimidated by a proportionally-spacing machine myself. You deserve a very special brew today (:

  7. Job well done! And the typeface is very appealing.

  8. When I saw the close up shot of the type at first, I didn't actually notice anything especially special about it. But wow does it look sharp on paper.