Monday, 16 September 2013

The Original Butcombe



  1. Rob, you have given my life a renewed sense of purpose- and that is to find another beer with a distinctly hedgerow nose. For this to occur, I must first locate an English hedge and sniff it, as at this stage I don't think I can recall the nose of a hedgerow. I then need to sample a great deal of beers and pinpoint one with what I believe to be a hedgerow nose to it. But this alone won't do. To confirm it's distinctness, I then need to give the beer to someone else to sample and without further prompting them, ask: "What's the nose on this one y'reckon?". Until my chosen accomplice exclaims: "Why, that's undoubtedly hedgerow!" Then I cannot yet die a fulfilled man.

    1. Steve, I suppose it is quite easy for me to take a hedge for granted but listen, we're pushing boundaries here but now you know that an English hedge can, at times smell a bit like beer. Works both ways.