Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cutting edge


  1. Ouchies! May you gain accuracy with practice. Leg does not need a bowl. :D

  2. What we endure for our craft! Heal quickly.

  3. Looking at it in a more positive light, you've just achieved the blood component of the 'blood sweat and tears' that go into your awesome carved creations

  4. Oh dear. Suffering for one's art is one thing, but jeez...
    Hope the leg is on the mend. This better end up one piping-hot spoon when you're done, Rob. Still, explaining how you got the scar will make pretty good party conversation.

  5. What's disappointing about DIY injuries is the wound is seldom one to be proud of. If only it was a whole finger or an ear -- it would somehow seem more noble.

    A fine spoon, though.

    1. True. But a list of injuries I have Done-To-Myself does include a favourite shin scar from falling headlong down the screes of the Clachaig Gully in 1976. It is a powerful reminder of a fortnight touring the west coast of Scotland during the heatwave summer just following exam season at school. And the pint of heavy in the pub downed in one.