Friday, 10 January 2014



  1. Niice! I loved mine when I had it, but I have always had an issue with skipping with the left side of the keyboard on H2k's (qwas keys mostly) I eventually just gave it away to be rid of it, but I never forgot that sweet, firm touch. (:

    1. I'm getting a skip on the a but I think I'm stroking the space bar simultaneously. I'm going to see how it goes if I lower the space bar a couple of mm as it does sit quite high and the rubber stops will have shrunk over time.

  2. Nice typewriter. I've always heard these have a nicer touch than the 3000. I do not have one (yet).

  3. That's a nice looking type face. Quite clean too! Typewriter isn't really my style, but I am curious about how it looks after you finished cleaning it up.

  4. Very sweet find. I still don't feel for the H2K over, say some of the German machines of the period, so I'm going to stick to my H3K as my favorite Hermes for the time being.