Monday, 12 November 2012

Dek in a widow


  1. I really like the font. I am sure the same manufacturer made the slugs for my Facit and you Adler. I really like my J4 which is quite like the Gabriele 25 or 30. I saw one or the other that looked nearly like mine. Yours doe too. I find the J4 to be a wonderful typer and the carriage return is so silky smooth, fast and light I like it the best of all my machines. I think as you use yours or clean the segment you will have a nice speedy machine that you will not be able to out type unless you miss a key and hit 2 at a time.

  2. On most typers, holding down tab clear and moving the carriage left to right will clear all tabs. I use an electric motor cleaner myself to clean gunk out of the segment and carriage rails. It works well. Great font, by the way!


  3. Very nice! I'd like to see the replacement badge.

  4. Well, in German, Gabriela or abbreviated Gaby is a female name, and a bit outdated. I would say that Gabriele is simply a version of it, as there is also a booklet with a young woman's drawing subtitled something with Gabriele - I think Triumph/Adler considered your machine to be feminine. Gabriel, however, like the archangel, is indeed a male name, and more popular these days.

    1. Gabriele is indeed an Italian male name, but in German, Gebriele and Gabriela are both female. Gaby and Gabi are the abbreviated versions.
      Since TA was a german typewriter manufacturer, I am confident that it is intended to be feminine.

  5. Gabriele is the italian version of Gabriel. Correct pronunciation is
    'Gabri-Air-Let', but say it fast and soften off the 't' in 'let'. Like a Cockney.