Monday, 12 November 2012


PS: Mutant 66 didn't sell. I'll watch out for it relisted.


  1. Very nice typeface. I do not have an Adler with that one. It is so similar to Facit's that when an Adler Techno recently appeared on Ebay I passed it by.

    Yes, the serial numbers are a bit hidden and the carriage is easy to remove and reinstall and it must be removed to remove the housing.

  2. I've had trouble finding the serial on my Gabby 25 as well. After reading your blog last night I pulled my one out and gave it a bit of a service. It has a techno typeface too... I might do a typecast later this week.

    The Automatic Ribbon Reverse is a bit... dodgy. I have never actually had it work correctly.

    I don't have a lot of love for the Gabby, as my fingers seem to get really tired quite quickly. I've compared it to some other machines, and the gabby seems to have a far steeper rake on the keyboard.

    1. Scott, if you find the S/N, I'd be glad to find out!

  3. That's a nice typeface and you'll find it OCR's well too. I can't recal where the serial was on my j-series machines, but have you looked from the front under the keys toward the comb? sometimes they hide it there.