Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Letter from America

Clockwise from left: Broadcasting House [author's own], Alastair Cooke [©BBC], Alastair Cooke [©NBC], Royal QDL [Anabel]

Listen to Alistair Cooke on the assassination of John Lennon

Corrections: Alistair not Alastair (nor Alasdhair). Letter from America was a quarter of an hour, not half.


  1. Very interesting piece. Well done, Rob, and also for standing up to the goons over your camera, if unsuccessfully.

  2. I just love that building and your shot of it, as I said on your photo blog.

    To Americans, Alistair Cooke was best known and loved as the host of "Masterpiece Theatre."

  3. I've never heard those pieces but i have heard old Goon Show recordings and they were very important to my humor development.

  4. Excellent account of a great day. Would recommend the tours and could happily spend a lot longer there looking around. We should try again and break the Stasi lines.