Thursday 18 April 2013

The Typewriter Database

I have been having a play with Ted's Typewriter Database. It is really quite easy to upload assets and make contributions. I just photographed the Lettera illustrated here with it sitting on my knee. I tapped out the serial number and character set, scanned it and created a new gallery through my login.

I have to say, it is LOT more interesting to use than TW-DB and it looks like the serial numbers will be more up-to-date. And this site has a visually rich side to it which TW-DB could never achieve.

Anyone with a typewriter, go for it!

Take a snap of your typewriter
Scan a type sample, this seems to be a conventional layout
Log in to The Typewriter Database
Publicly viewable entry LINK


  1. Wow, I see you've created 26 galleries already.

    Ted is awesome and so are you!

  2. Yes you are way ahead of me! Well done.

  3. Still need to get started on this. But now that I finally have some pretty pictures, I'm still waiting on the ribbons...

  4. Heh, I see you entering in more machines right now, including an SM-1 and SM-2 I've never seen before. Very Nice, and very impressive collection! (:

    1. OK, so now I know I have 45 typewriters. The statement "about 30" doesn't compute any more. I THINK everything is up to date now but adding type specimens will take a while longer!

    2. Surprisingly (to me, anyway) - if I don't count my wife's 5 or 6 machines, I come in at under 30, even counting parts machines. Luckily I can go hit up Bill's shop anytime I need a batch of machines to "hunt, tag and release". That could keep me busy for a year.