Monday, 18 April 2011


I spotted a two-tone Groma Kolibri, then noticed Georg has some great archive material and photos on his flickr srtream (we bumped into each other there before the Typosphere, I think). Lo and behold - another logo. Only a triangle, but faithfully (well, approximately) reproduced in both print and on the typewriter covers. I thought it would be easy to recreate it as it was originally conceived - but that's a pretty obscure cut of Futura used. Or maybe it was drawn especially for the logo. Right, back to that SM4!

The closest to the original are the bottom pair.


  1. Great logo. It really has a strong thrust to it. I also wanted to say that your blog has such a clean look to it. You are definitely not afraid of white space.

  2. This should be available as a bumper or windshield sticker.

  3. @Ryan: that's very kind of you. Everything (such as blogger) that supplies templates inclines one towards putting extra content in, like backgrounds and colours which, for me, can get in the way of the content. So, I try to leave out as much as I possibly can - and then stick to red and black. Partly because those are the colours you tend to get in typewriters, and partly because they are the colours of revolution :-)

    @Richard: Oh no. I feel another T-shirt coming on...

  4. The original logo on the manual really does look hand-drawn to me. This should be a great T-shirt for incognito typospherians. I would go so far to print it on a business shirt (which is my business idea for the 21st century).