Sunday, 3 April 2011

typecast trouble, let me ge this typecasting malarky right:
  1. get a typewriter (any typewriter)
  2. write something (anything)
  3. scan
  4. upload 


  1. So what seems to be the trouble?

  2. Or, if you're really er, semi-motivated -- just take a photo of it and paste up the photo as I've been doing for the moment.

    Got a scanner, but need to hook it up.

    Will work on that motivation shortly.

  3. Ha! I suppose no one mentioned that you're supposed to scan the typewritten page, to the machine? This is a neat image, great idea.

    Maybe this'll start a craze whereby all of the Typospherians will scan their machines and post images. See what you've started!


    Word Ver: Pregu. Sorta like Prego, but doesn't taste as good on noodles.

  4. @typerati: I'm trying to post daily and I was tired after a strenuous 16Km kayak on the Thames. I thought I'd just 'cast' my typewriter at the scanner - see what happened. I had the odd thought that the letters might come out back to front - silly. And I was having a conversation with my son about innovation - I haven't seen an image of a typewriter scanned from the platen before. A quick Google search for images shows I'm not the first. I'd also been wondering about a virtual type-in. Webcast or Skype conference sort of thing (we are living proof that community needn't be constrained by physical proximity), then posting typecasts in the conventional way. There's a tangible heat generated by this typosphere thing and I was thinking it might be interesting to use it to cook something up. The way things go, it'll turn out that there are hundreds of virtual type-ins happening on a daily basis :-) PS: I used my lightest machine but it needs a new ribbon!

  5. PPS: Re: phillytyper's excellent wiki entry for type-in, maybe it could be qualified to not exclude the possibility of remote participation?

  6. Ha ha! Plus this is a great machine, I tried Manual Entry's Antares Parva at the Seattle type-in and enjoyed it.

  7. Especially for you, strikethru- typecast #12 on Antares. Thanks for all the traffic!

  8. dude virtual could be cool.

    but camera is the way to go. I tende to just use my cell camera.