Saturday, 16 April 2011

typecast #15 (SM4 help please)

The inscrutable Olympia and the inaccessible screw


  1. Rob, looks like an alignment problem and there should be an accessible screw to adjust the alignment, down below but in front of the right ribbon capstan. Sometimes this problem occurs on the Olivetti Studio 42 when the carriage lock mechanism sticks under the carriage instead of fully retreading to its unlocked position. Just a couple of thoughts. Check to see if something is stuck under the carriage on the escapement rack. If you need any help finding and adjusting the alignment screw, let me know. RM

  2. I wish I could help. I'll be watching this thread as I have the opposite issue on a Brother.

  3. @Robert, thank you. Have posted another, erm, post. Not sure how well 'threads' work in blogger unless you subscribe - which quite likely you don't.

    @notagain: Heard of 'em, but never seen a Brother. However...I have a 3 bank Underwood (see gallery) which had a carriage sitting too low. Being much more rudimentary, there was no adjustment. I found the stop and tried different thicknesses of shim. I ended up using the "protect" tabs from an old compact cassette (remember those?) and super-glued them into place. Worked a treat.