Monday, 4 April 2011

typecast #12

Defaced date: October 1977. HMSO=Her Majesty's Stationery Office


  1. The Antares certainly looks very stylish, which you would expect from an Italian Marque. But am only going on what I can make out from your scan of it. More photo's please. Good to hear its a typer too.

  2. @Ted: I think I'll go with Ribbon Juggler on this one. After frenzied ALL CAPS in red, the ribbon is often in disarray!

    @John: It is the next best thing to an Empire Aristocrat(made in Redditch?), which is the next best thing to a Hermes Baby/Rocket (Swiss?). I'll post some pin-ups - maybe even for today's post. P'raps I should run an "all-request" day, like on the wireless?

  3. If you do, play Remington for me.

    (West Bromwich) 1954 - the one you got me, not that I have any others. Am on the look out for a Rocket, or a Baby - having said that I think 60s Olivettis really look the business.