Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SM3 induction

Surprise, surprise, I have decided this typewriter is a keeper. Now on permanent display (and with a foot-fetish friendlier photo) in the Typewriter Heaven Olympia gallery.


  1. No surprises here. I love my two SM3s. Don't even mind the carriage shift, to tell you the truth. They're fine machines, easy on the fingers and on the eyes.

  2. No, I'm not surprised either.

  3. How can I find out what kind of typewriter I have bought? It is an Olympia and from looking at pictures it is probably an sm3. One of the keys is different to the one in this picture. The key to the left of the Q has four dots on it.
    Can I buy a ribbon for it?
    Any idea of age? Can I post a picture here?
    Thank you

  4. @ Fiona: Thanks for dropping by. The four dots on the Margin Release key don't mean too much. More significant is the Serial Number. You find it by turning the typewriter upside down in you lap and you'll see it is stamped on the rearmost cross member. Then head over to Dirk Schumann's Typewriter Serial Number Database and follow the links to Olympia. I'll PM this to your blogger prifile too.

  5. @Fiona: OK, you don't have a profile contact. But yes, you can still buy ribbons. Check eBay, or your local stationery supplier. Most likely 1950s.