Sunday, 19 June 2011

Wilhelmshaven vs Frankfurt

Got one of these?

The Emoticon Legend types thank you letters to aunts, uncles and grandparents for birthday presents
...get some of these :-)

However will we survive when these are all used up? Note lack of bar-code on the 1980s' packaging


  1. Hang on...are you saying that Liquid Paper has become extinct? I have a bottle (probably from the mid '90s) that I've been using lately, but I haven't been to an office supplier to see if they have any in stock.
    Worst-case-scenario; white aeroplane model paint or perhaps white nail polish.

  2. Those white, thin tapes that you roll onto the paper are still readily available. But I don't use any of that stuff -- i gloriously xxxxx things out!

  3. I find Tipp-Ex papers to be very flakey and I used to wind up with bits of the stuff getting stuck on the platen of my Lettera 32. The typebars on that machine are positively dandruffed with Tipp-Ex flakes.
    You're right, Richard. It's probably better to xxxx over mistakes. It's really the best way to improve your typing skills, anyway.

  4. That's a nice colour of Olympia, too.