Thursday, 16 June 2011

Strip show

By popular request, a slide show of the stripped plywood case from the Olympia SM3. The case had been somewhere damp as you can tell from the tarnished metalwork and black stain. I haven't tried to conceal any blemishes and the only work on the furniture was to polish the chrome and emery one of the handle fasteners which was all rusty. The tricky part (aside from removing the paint) was to protect the interior which is flocked (not fabric lined) and easily damaged by clamping in a workbench. It wasn't in great condition to start with. Clean flock by dabbing, not wiping.

You can see that the case was only intended to be painted - the joinery is crude and the beech veneer marked, though the original paint in those areas was intact. The rubber feet were compacted, crumbling and damaged. Since they are symmetrical, I sliced the damaged surface off, reversed them so the good side is on the outside, and glued them in place after varnishing the case - they'll need tidying inside with a patch of felt.

Anyone fancy a go? After removing the handle, catch and feet (4x metal and 4 rubber), here's a list of what I used:
  1. 1/3 sheet orbital sander (beech is pretty tough and shows no sanding rings)
  2. 40 grit Aluminium Oxide abrasive paper to remove the top paint
  3. 80 grit once the wood starts to show through
  4. 240 grit emery paper to hand flatten the surface prior to varnishing
  5. Rag and spirit to clean between sanding and varnishing
  6. 2 coats quick drying polyurethane varnish (at least)
  7. Dust mask, ear protectors and forgiving neighbours.
Have fun...

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    1. That's really beautiful. I think I would have left the bottom. I may actually attempt this "case mod."