Wednesday, 15 June 2011

True grit

Furniture screwed back in place. The varnish said "satin" on the tin - but it looks almost glossy.
So there I was, thinking I'd never get all the paint off the Olympia SM3's case, but I decided to try a new batch of paper on the orbital sander. Wow! 40 grit Aluminium Oxide paper really shifts paint without clogging. 80 grit swept away the undercoat and primer all the way down to bare wood. All in about half an hour. £3.00 well spent.

Thanks Richard the Bikecaster for the ID tip. Looks like it is a non-Deluxe SM3. I should have guessed by the way it doesn't say Deluxe on the type basket.


  1. This looks brilliant. I may need to try it myself. I want to see more photos, though!