Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Royal Standard

No, not THAT Royal Standard.

Last night, I picked up a Royal from an old friend who needed space. 

It has no bell that I can find and a few odd-looking levers. I should look for a manual somewhere.

So I think it is what's generally referred to as a "Royal KHM", circa 1937, one of the finest writing machines of its day. When it is cleaned up and running smoothly, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, here's a pre- spit and polish photo. 

SN: KHM 2191365


  1. That looks great! Nicely preserved decals are always a good sign; I don't imagine it'll take much to get it shiny and running smoothly. Lovely glass keys; and the ribbon cover is quite distinctive - does it lift off in one piece?

    I envy you; I often wish I had the space for a standard!

  2. Handsome! Some of those bonus levers have to do with the ribbon color select. On my newer KMG, I think I have to hold a second lever to move the ribbon to stencil mode. One of them is probably the top cover release. I'm able to type faster than the Royal likes, but when we match speeds, it's a magical thing.

  3. Left lever: Ribbon reverse lever. Right lever: Ribbon color selector. Hope this helps!