Friday, 21 October 2011

Sticky tab

Though the rock-hard platen is the perfect paper perforator - confetti of little 'o's fly off the type heads - the Royal KHM's almost running perfectly. 

But there's a problem with the tab brake. Unlike some older machines, this machine has a cork brake pad which slows the carriage down as it disengages the escapement to rattle down the rails to meet up with its set tab. It is actually a pretty sophisticated solution! 

Trouble is that pressing the keyboard tab button actuates the brake a bit too fiercely. It brakes the carriage's motion to the extent that it never actually arrives at its station. You can see the surface which the cork pad actuates on in the photos. The pad itself is hidden away in the campanology department. A problem like cycling AND braking at the same time.

The video below shows what happens when the space-bar is used, then the tab button. You can see the problem when I press the space-bar a few times, then the tab, then repeat. No tabs are set. Any advice on how to overcome this would be extremely welcome!

PS: Yep, I cleaned the friction surface the pad bears on

PPS: UPDATE - problem now solved! See next post.

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